Optimal 880 Tree Spade

The Optimal 880 is the upgraded version of our old Model 850. It has been in production for over 10 years and is a tried and proven work horse in the 28-36" rootball range. Because of the compact size, load center, and weight of this machine, it can be run on a much smaller loader. Typically if you are operating one of our competitor's 28-32" spades, you can run the 880 on that same loader. This is a huge advantage if you need to step up to a 36" size. Some of the other advantages are no grease fittings and its easily adjustable blades (15 minutes or less).

880 5

Optimal 880 Features:

  • 4 blades for superior digging in hard soils
  • Dual gates - digs to right or left
  • Compact size for tight conditions
  • Superior speed
  • Optimal rootball - more roots/less soil = more trees per load
  • Reliability/German engineering and superior customer service
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Click here for the Optimal 880 Flyer