Optimal 1700 Tree Spade

The Optimal 1700 is specially designed to transplant larger trees with up to a 65" diameter rootball. With its four specially designed concave spades, the 1700 ensures a maximum transplant success rate.


It comes standard with telescoping spade cylinders which greatly reduce the working height of the machine. The 1700 is easily adapted to articulating wheel loaders, crawler loaders, truck mounts and other large capacity power units.

1700 6

Optimal 1700 Features:


  • Telescoping spade cylinders equals greatly reduced working height
  • More lateral roots equals better survival rate
  • Electric over hydraulic individual blade controls
  • Plastic bearing surface
  • Hydraulic gate lock with safety switch
  • Adjustable rootball pads dig from 55-65 inch rootball
  • Machine available from stock
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